The Brother/Sister Hurt: Recognizing the Effects of Sibling Abuse

In The Brother/Sister Hurt: Recognizing the Effects of Sibling Abuse, Dr. Wiehe clearly and compassionately guides the reader through the process of considering past relationships among brothers and sisters. Based on Dr. Wiehe’s groundbreaking research with 150 survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse by brothers or sisters, The Brother/Sister Hurt defines sibling abuse, helps explore the past, validates the seriousness of sibling abuse wherever it existed, recognizes its long-lasting effects, and encourages the reader to move on in life by getting help with any problems in living that he or she may be experiencing as a result. Suggested tasks close each chapter. (1996)

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The Brother/Sister Hurt: Recognizing the Effects of Sibling Abuse — 3 Comments

  1. Hello, I have written on sibling incest and want to do more research on the impact of an adolescent offender remaining in the home with a sibling victim vs. the offender being removed.
    Any thoughts on this issue? I have downloaded your biography. Thanks in advance.

  2. my big brother, joe is five years older than me. He was the prize pupil of my first abuser kathy, a sister nine years older than me. I counted the days waiting for her to leave for college only to have him pick up where she left off.her abuse was shrouded in concern for whats good for me. his was raw disdain and hate. everything except incest was my daily torture. in fact i kept note of the fact that he quit using my name and replaced it with “fatnugly”.for five years thats what he called me. I have had no contact with him for 20 years. he called me in july prompted by a news clip i sent to another sib.
    he is now the ceo of a big pharma corp. well rewarded for his bullying and sharp tongue. he said laura his wife was alcoholic and divorced her. he also said he doesnt remember me being abused. that statement felt like abuse. also, he married a sweet nondrinker a n no doubt broke her spirit. now he is dating again. i wonder is there anything i can do to make him aware of his destructive ways?

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