A call for contributors

Sasian will shortly celebrate twenty years as an organization as well as twenty years of Internet presence. Sasian’s first presence was on angelfire. A short time later the domain name was registered and sasian.org has been here ever since.

Sasian has mainly been a source of information and a repository for collected information. The Parents Guides, the collected bibliographies and papers have all been available to anyone who visits. In March of this year the site was changed to make information easier to find and to make the site easier to manage. Part of the reorganization is to enable participation of site visitors. Visitors can now comment on every page except the front page.

Now we would like to open the site to contributors who would like to share their stories or other information as posters. We encourage you to consider the possibility of sharing your ideas, stories and suggestions. Sasian has purposely not been a place for personal stories. Disseminating information and reaching people with information about sibling violence and sibling incest information was always seen as much more important than venting anger over our personal issues with our pasts.

So please send an email to info@sasian.org. Please make the subject line descriptive of your email such as ‘Post idea’, ‘Suggestion’ or ‘Idea’.

We are also considering forming Sasian as a more durable entity by incorporating as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. This idea is still in the early stages and no decision(s) has/have been made. We are concerned that Sasian might cease to exist if there is no mechanism in place to continue past the current administrators.

this post is also intended to see what actual interest there is in these ideas. Sasian receives thousands of visits from all over the world and the total count has probably risen over a million since its inception so we know it has value. The question is whether the audience is willing to be more active in participation.

So let us hear from you either by email or feel free to comment below.

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