Sexual Abuse – What Happens When You Tell

What Happens When You TellVISAC booklet — Sexual Abuse – What Happens When You Tell – A Guide For Children (Cat. # H72-21/67-1991)

From the booklet —

“This booklet is written for children who have been sexually abused. It will explain what happens if they decide to disclose the abuse.

It outlines:

  • Why they should tell;
  • Who they should tell;
  • The laws about reporting sexual abuse;
  • How family members might react;
  • What social workers and police usually do when they receive a report of sexual abuse; and
  • What happens if a case goes to court.

Telling about sexual abuse might be the most difficult decision children ever have to make. When they tell, they need all the help they can get – from parents, teachers, school counsellors, social workers and other family members. If children don’t get the help they need, they may become frightened, take back the disclosure and pretend that the sexual abuse never happened.”

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